Civil and Commercial Litigation

We practice general civil litigation in Magistrates’ and High Courts of South Africa, in matters ranging from contractual disputes, to damages claims, interdictory relief, evictions, and family law.

We can asssit you with:

Property and Conveyancing

Our conveyancing department specialises in all aspects of property law.

We advise on:

Corporate and Commercial Law

We offer our Clients sound commercial advice on all aspects of their businesses, suited to their individual needs and taking into account all applicable legislative requirements.

We specialise in:

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

We recognise that your property may be your most valuable asset and as such, you will need expert advice on how best to manage it. There is a range of legislation that we will assist you to traverse and comply with.

We have expertise in the following areas:


Insolvency is the catch-all term for businesses or individuals operating in situations where their liabilities outweigh their assets and as a result, cannot pay their debts. Insolvency is not the end of the road for persons or businesses operating in financial dire straits, but rather can be a chance for restructuring and relief. In other instances, it is the only recourse for a creditor to recover their debt.

We provide Clients with realistic and commercially sound advice relating to liquidation and sequestration applications, as well as other options around restructuring and business rescue that will best suit them, namely:

Family and Matrimonial Law

It is vital that couples taking the decision to join their lives and respective estates seek expert advice on the best options to protect their interests and to secure their future. We also assist Clients who find themselves at the end of this journey with advice and representation in divorce actions and maintenance applications.

We advise on a variety of family matters, including:

Criminal Law

A criminal conviction can have a significant effect on your life and prospects, so it is vital to seek legal advice if you find yourself in the unfortunate event of having to face criminal charges. It is not in your best interests to act in your defence. On the other hand, you may wish for some advice and assistance in navigating the investigative and legal system to institute criminal charges against someone else.

Our team can assist you with providing advice and representation in criminal matters such as:


Businesses, small and big alike, simply cannot afford their debtors book. It is vital that creditors take steps to hand over their debt to an attorney to start the recovery proceed before claims fall to the wayside, or worse, prescribe.

We are equipped to assist you in steps to recover your debt as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Corporate, commercial, and contractual disputes

Debt recovery

Damages Claims

Liquidations and Sequestrations

Interdictory Relief

Residential and Commercial Evictions

Sale and Purchase Disputes

Enforcement of Monetary Claims and Specific Performance

Commercial and Residential Evictions

Rescissions, Reviews, and Appeals

Deeds of Sale


Registration of Mortgage, Surety, Notarial and Collateral Bonds


Sectional Title Schemes and Rules

Registration of Servitudes

Estate Transfers

Donation Transfers

Commercial Agreements

Sale of Businesses

Shareholders Agreements

Incorporation and Registration of Companies and Trusts

General Estate Planning

Corporate Governance

Terms and Conditions of Trading

Drafting and Reviewing Lease Agreements


Commercial Evictions

Residential Evictions

Advice on Sundry Issues, such as Maintenance, Deposits, and Renewals

Collection of Arrear Rental

Voluntary and Compulsory Liquidation Applications

Voluntary and Compulsory Sequestration Applications

Business Rescue Proceedings

Submissions to Claims to Insolvent Estates

Enquiries into Insolvent Estates

Matrimonial Systems

Cohabitation Agreements

Ante-nuptial Contracts

Variation of Matrimonial Regime and Post-Nuptial Agreements


Spousal and Child Maintenance

Interim Maintenance (Rule 43 Applications)

Care, Contact, Access, and Guardianship of Minor Children

Parenting Plans

Protection Orders


Bail Applications

Criminal Defence Litigation

Representations for the Diversion and/or Withdrawal of Criminal Charges

Expungement of Criminal Convictions

Watching Briefs for Complainants wishing to Institute Criminal Charges

Negotiating and Formalising Settlement Agreements and Payment Plans

Processes in Execution to Recover Debt

Applications to Declare Property Especially Executable

Applications to Revive Judgments

Conducting Consumer Credit Checks

Tracing Recalcitrant Debtors